I found a writing challenge that looks fun. Friday Fictioneers! Basically, the person running the challenge shares a photo each week and participants write a 100 word story inspired by the photo. Between work, moving, and homework I might not post a story every Friday. But I will give it a shot. ๐Ÿ™‚

photo copyright by Dawn M. Miller

Make a Wish

I waited impatiently as they brought out lamps for the estate sale. The Wish Lamp had to be there. I only needed it for one moon cycle. One wish could cure momโ€™s Alzheimerโ€™s, could give her back everything sheโ€™d lost. Except Dad.

Aunt Ruth wasnโ€™t supposed to inherit it, claimed she didnโ€™t have it. Gram was clear it went to Mom. Aunt Ruthโ€™s “streak of luck” was proof enough for me.

There it was in the last batch! Simple, black and only fifty cents.ย  The new moon was only two days away. Twenty-eight days and my mom would be back.